“I’ve never had a situation where someone has said that I can’t do my job because I’m a Woman”: Thorun Watne, a Radio Operator in the Norwegian Sector

June 9, 2015 - Rebecca Baker

For the last 40 years, Norwegian Thorun Watne has dedicated her life to providing help & support as a Radio operator in merchant shipping and on offshore platforms. Since 1998, Thorun has been working on oil rigs in the Norwegian sector. Thorun talks to Atlas about her career and how this male dominated industry has changed its views on women working offshore. Read More
Understanding the Machine: The Mindset of an Offshore Crane Operator

January 14, 2015 - Rebecca Baker

Throughout our network of professionals their varying skill sets and thirst for knowledge is only half of what you need to work in the offshore industry. Experienced crane operator, Joeri Van Den Steen explains how by developing a mindset keeps you focused in pushing your role to the limit. Read More
Anastasija Kikava, Preparing for the Unexpected

January 12, 2015 - Rebecca Baker

“I am constantly three or four steps ahead of any challenge because that’s the life offshore. My job has certainly made me fierce, and emotionally much stronger. Especially as a woman in a man’s industry you need to be tough if you want to function offshore”. Read More