An unexpected find: A Chief officer on the OOS Prometheus

For the past three years, the OOS Prometheus has been anchored in the Campos Basin in Brazil on an offshore heavy lift/logistics support project for the country’s leader in oil well exploitation Petrobras. Atlas Professionals has been involved in recruiting for the OOS Prometheus and the OOS Gretha.

Meeting in the mess room

In 2014, Javier Barrientos was assigned to the OOS Prometheus as a Chief Officer. “I had been looking for an international contract for three years,” says Javier, “Atlas hired me to go to Brazil and work on the OOS Prometheus. My responsibilities include maintenance of all deck machinery, supervising the loading and unloading of cargo and the departmental head for Deck Officers and Crew. “On my second rotation, Captain Rafael introduced me to our new Camp Boss Camila in the mess room.”

In 2014, Camila Vieira de Souza Zamarripa was assigned to the OOS Prometheus as the rig’s Camp Boss. “I am responsible for the hotel services on the rig and I also lead the catering crew,” explains Camila. “I would usually ask Javier for help when it came to equipment maintenance or when I needed help moving food containers etc. We would talk a lot about where we lived, our families and friends back home.”

 Important question…

“With the passing of each day we were spending more time with each other,” says Javier. “Six months later, we started dating and travelled to Peru, which turned out to be one of the best holidays ever!”

“A year later, Javier proposed to me whilst we were visiting his family in Mexico and we haven’t been apart since.” In November 2015, Javier and Camila were married and had baby boy Samuel.

“I never thought that I would find the love of my life offshore on an accommodation rig,” laughs Javier.